Robert Gallup Live Tours

As the world’s premier extreme magician and death-defying escape artist, Robert Gallup’s Extreme Magic & Deadly Escapes live show is an international award-winning family magic spectacular. Designed specifically for touring theatres, casinos, arenas and stadiums, it combines Gallup’s signature extreme magic, dynamic fast paced illusions, raucous comedy magic, cutting edge special effects, and legitimately death-defying escapes.

Robert Gallup’s live touring show:

  • Is the second largest international touring magic show in the world,
  • Has toured 30 countries across six continents, including 10 years in casinos in the US, 3 national theatre tours of Australia, and 5 stadium/arena tours of China and S.E. Asia,
  • Received numerous international awards and accolades, including “Entertainer of the Year”, “Magician of the Year”, “Best Show of the Year”, and “Highest Grossing Box Office”, and
  • Is the only touring magic show in the world that has its own purpose-built self contained stadium/arena stage and ground support system.

In addition to the show’s amazing content and Gallup’s riveting performance, the commercial success of each tour/theatre run is driven by Gallup Extreme Productions’ integrated multi-media promotion, marketing, sponsorship and sales support, which includes:

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Gallup’s Extreme Magic and Deadly Escapes deftly blends Robert’s warmth and endearing personality with cool magic and heart racing deadly escapes. A refreshing 'must see' artist.

Daily Variety, USA

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