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About Robert Gallup and Gallup Extreme Productions

Creator of the unique magic genre, “extreme magic”, Robert Gallup combines his trademark dangerous magic, intense physical illusions, and legitimately death-defying escapes in his international award-winning television and live shows, Robert Gallup’s Extreme Magic & Deadly Escapes.

With production offices in California, Australia and Hong Kong, Robert Gallup and Gallup Extreme Productions have been producing spectacular television, live tours and corporate/VIP events internationally for over twenty years, including:

  • Robert Gallup's Extreme Skydive Handcuff Chain Escape ImageRiveting highly rated international television specials and series, as well as segment producing and licensing of Gallup extreme programs and footage,
  • Award-winning live touring stadium, arena, theatre, and casino shows,
  • Insane large-scale death-defying escape events for television, live tours, publicity stunts, media and corporate events,
  • Amazing corporate events, trade show entertainment and product launches for numerous international Fortune-500 clients,
  • Stunning VIP performances for presidents, heads of state, and a multitude of celebrities.


Image of Robert Gallup and President Bush Sr

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Gallup's magic and illusions rival or surpass any; add to that his dalliances with death and you have an astonishing riveting nail-biting evening of entertainment.

Las Vegas Sun, USA

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