Magic Consultant and Director for Live Productions

Magic consultant and director for live productions, Robert Gallup image.

As a magic consultant and director, Robert Gallup and his production team assists other artists, producers and directors in creating and staging amazing magic, illusions and special effects for live event, theatrical, touring and theme park productions, as well as television and films.

Drawing from over two decades international experience creating, producing and directing original magic and illusions for award-winning television and live productions, Gallup and his team can assist clients:

  • Define and prioritise creative, technical and directorial needs
  • Translate creative vision into reality, from concept to performance
  • Coach and direct talent
  • Optimize production, budgetary and technical constraints
  • Address magic and illusion-specific theatrical and camera direction challenges
  • Effectively and efficiently project manage magic and illusion requirements from creation to delivery.

Robert Gallup has magic consulted and directed on live productions for some of the world’s most successful magicians and illusionists, as well as A-list actors, writers, producers and directors.

Where Houdini left off Gallup's extreme magic begins!

Chicago Tribune, USA

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