USA Quotes

Gallup’s Extreme Magic and Deadly Escapes deftly blends Robert’s warmth and endearing personality with cool magic and heart racing deadly escapes. A refreshing ‘must see’ artist.

Daily Variety, USA

Gallup’s magic and illusions rival or surpass any; add to that his dalliances with death and you have an astonishing riveting nail-biting evening of entertainment.

Las Vegas Sun, USA

Daredevil magician Robert Gallup puts on a heart stopping performance!

LA Times, USA

Thank you for the outstanding entertainment! This was the greatest! We’ll never forget it, we’ll never ever forget it!

President George Bush (Sr.), USA

Where Houdini left off Gallup’s extreme magic begins!

Chicago Tribune, USA

Gallup breaks the molds of traditional magic, setting a new paradigm by which others will most likely follow.

Daily Variety, USA

Magic that is finally cool… a very hip rock and roll concert of illusion.

Boston Globe, USA

There have been a slew of magic shows come through over the years, but Gallup’s current award-winning production at Trump’s tops them all.

Press of Atlantic City, USA

If the consequence of error isn’t death… then it’s just not fun!

Robert Gallup, USA

Australia Quotes

Bloody crazy American… outstanding!

Rove McManus, Australia

Extreme, excellent, exciting … a ‘must-see’ event.

The Age, Australia

A brilliantly flamboyant stage show which stretches the limits of one’s imagination, the likes of which has never been seen in Australia.

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

The best of Las Vegas brought to Australia. Excellent!

Ray Martin, Australia

Absolutely brilliant!

Bert Newton, Australia

Gallup has developed a show which combines sport, danger, surprise and mystique… perfect for all lovers of mystery, it’s an age-old concept given a smart blast of high-tech for the new millennium.

Herald Sun, Australia

Extremely entertaining. Always great to work with, and a true professional.

Frank Holden, Australia

First-rate comedy, spectacular illusions and heart-stopping escapes. Gallup’s show is a total package.

The Sunday Times, Australia

The ultimate in edge-riding, goosebump entertainment.

South Western Times, Australia

Gallup deals out his nine lives like poker hands – he leaps chained out of planes and escapes from burning ropes atop skyscrapers… the great Houdini has nothing on extreme illusionist Robert Gallup.

The City Weekly, Australia

Pure enjoyment and full of surprises, this show is truly unique and a phenomenal family package.

The Australian Asian Times, Australia

should see Gallup’s extreme magic.

The Courier Mail, Australia

The Gallup Extreme Magic Show is a thoroughly entertaining night out for adults and children… the star’s magical prowess and masterful illusions leave the audience gasping in disbelief.

The Post, Australia

Extreme Magic is a colourful show equal to any large scale rock concert event… it is thoroughly entertaining, professional, and unlike anything you are likely to see.

The West Australian, Australia

Asia Quotes

Amazing feats of magic, and harrowing death-defying escapes… a Macau ‘must see’ event.

Oriental Daily News, Hong Kong

A feast of illusions, laser effects and pyrotechnics, Extreme Magic is a magic spectacular unlike anything ever seen in Asia before.

USA Today, Asia Edition

Illusionist extraordinaire Robert Gallup rocked Taipei stadium with his fast-paced Extreme Magic show, sharing with his dazed audience death-defying feats of escape, staggering special effects, high energy illusions, charm and humor.

China News, Taiwan

There seems to be no limits to what death defying acts Gallup will experiment with… he captures his audience with his extraordinary charm and unbelievable fantasy world.

The China Times, Taiwan

Gallup, defying logic and sensibility, trapped the public in a world beyond reality, reluctantly releasing them upon the evening’s final ovation.

The United Evening News, Taiwan

Gallup is an endearing daredevil who takes the public on a magical roller coaster ride of sights, sounds and sensations.

United Daily News, Taiwan

Extremely brilliant… a unique performance Hong Kong is unlikely to forget.

South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

Gallup takes his audience to the edge of reality with his death-defying stunts that will really get your adrenaline pumping.

The Sunday Times, Singapore

Gallup takes his art and audience to the edge of reality, the show pulsated with energy… I am one step closer to believing in magic.

The News Paper, Singapore

His intense and sexy style could have made him a rock or movie star, but Gallup chose magic and is rightfully called the modern-day Houdini.

Straits Times, Singapore

Sands-Venetian has brought stunning magic to Macau… Robert Gallup puts on an outstanding performance!

The Macau Post Daily, Macau

Gallup's magic and illusions rival or surpass any; add to that his dalliances with death and you have an astonishing riveting nail-biting evening of entertainment.

Las Vegas Sun, USA

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